NoMoreCopMoney records no cop money donated to currently-serving politicians in
since 2015.

Seems too good to be true? There are several reasons why a state might report no donations in NoMoreCopMoney.

  • For maximum accountability, our definition of "cop money" is limited. We only count money that comes directly from law enforcement PACs. That means that bundlers, money facilitated through fundraisers, and money from lobbyists or other non-membership orgs that support police are not included.
  • State and local level campaign finance disclosures are reported through multiple different channels and different jurisdictions, and using different procedures often on extremely antiquated technology. The National Institute on Money in State Politics, our data provider, does an incredible job trying to centralize all of this, but the general low quality of the raw data, and differences in reporting requirements mean that some organizations or contributions may be missed.

  • Total Cop Money:
  • politicians took Cop Money since 2015
  • donated it back
  • signed the pledge

If you don’t know who your state legislator is you can find your state legislator on Open States.

Currently serving politicians who accepted donations from law enforcement PACs since 2015

There are several reasons why a politician may not be in the NoMoreCopMoney database:
  • They accepted no money from the law enforcement PACs since 2015. They can still sign the pledge!
  • Our database only includes campaign contributions from police unions and association’s PACs. These PAC contributions represent the most direct form of organized cop money, but it is far from all of the cop money in politics
  • They are not serving in an office that NoMoreCopMoney currently collects data on. We hope to have data on US Senators and Representatives soon, and are exploring options for data on Mayors.
  • Following their last election, they were appointed to another office they did not campaign for.
  • They are currently running for office, but do not hold an elected office.