Cop Money

Why do we want police money out of politics?

Across the country, demands for an end to police brutality are reaching a fever pitch, as thousands protest the murder of Black men and women by law enforcement. Finally, our politicians are beginning to listen. Many are affirming for the first time that Black lives matter and promising to push for policies that will decrease police power.

How can we believe them?

Many of these politicians have accepted campaign donations from the very same law enforcement organizations that are traumatizing Black communities.

Since 2015, 3,530 state and local politicians have taken over $19,600,000 from law enforcement PACs. Cop contributions are a bipartisan problem: 61.9% of that money went to Democrats and 35.7% went to Republicans. In American politics, money matters: these donations give law enforcement organizations access to the halls of power, and a voice in deciding budgets and making policy. We can’t be sure that our politicians won’t go back on their word, once protest ends.

We want our politicians to prove that they’re serious about change, right now.

NoMoreCopMoney calls on any politician who is committed to dismantling police power to donate the campaign funds that they have accepted from law enforcement-affiliated PACs to organizations that support Black communities and work for racial justice, and to take our pledge that they will refuse such campaign funds in the future.

When politicians stop accepting campaign funds from law enforcement organizations, they send an immediate, clear signal to voters that they are committed to change, and they limit the power and access of police in policymaking.

Let’s show them that we want police money out of our politics.

The National NoMoreCopMoney Database

NoMoreCopMoney tracks campaign funds that current state politicians have accepted from law enforcement-affiliated PACs since 2015. We provide that information along with contacts that make it easy to ask our representatives to donate the campaign funds they accepted and to pledge to refuse similar funds in the future.

U.S. campaign finance reporting is conducted on a state-by-state basis, and that information is often released in formats that make it inaccessible for the general public. Moreover, law enforcement PACs can be difficult to identify. NoMoreCopMoney makes sure that people in every state can easily educate themselves about the campaign donations their representatives accepted from law enforcement, by clearly presenting data vetted by experts.

What is “Cop Money”?

We focus on the most direct form of cop money in the political system: campaign contributions from the political action committees (PAC) of police unions and associations. PACs affiliated with The Fraternal Order of the Police, The Patrolmen’s (Policemen’s) Benevolent Association and their regional, state, and local chapters are the most common organizations of this kind, but there are many associations representing police chiefs, sheriffs, state troopers, and corrections officers in the data as well. You can find a list of law enforcement organizations that have contributed over $10,000 here.

A Grassroots Movement

This project is inspired by grassroots efforts that emerged in late May 2020 to identify and reclaim campaign contributions that politicians accepted from law enforcement. Many of these efforts have been successful in compelling politicians to donate cop money, and we recognize the work of those activists, in particular Aaron Fernando.

If you have collected data on campaign spending by police and corrections that you would like listed here, please contact us at